Dinner, Visits and Congress Minutes

Dinner, Visits and Congress Minutes

Dear colleagues

The performance of the student begins at 20:00 o'clock so do not be late for dinner.

Visits start at the right time because the library door only opens for a few minutes at a time. If they are not there at that time they will have to wait for the next visit and may not be able to enter.

The Congress Minutes, in a near-final version, are available on the page.

You can download and view the articles, now with an accessible link for everyone.

Congress begins tomorrow, important news!

Congress begins tomorrow, important news!

Dear congressmen and visitors.

We are working hard and fast to get you the best!

Important notes:

- The complete program, which will be made available to everyone, is ready and on the Congress page.

- Tomorrow they will receive a bag with some material, including this program (so do not need to print it now)

- They will also receive certificates of participation, one for each enrollee.

- All articles and posters will receive a certificate of presentation, delivered by the presidents and congressional volunteers in the respective sessions in which they are presented.

- The presentation certificates for the presenters will be sent later, after each table chairman takes note of the person who presented.

- Congressmen with a poster presentation should ask in a place that will be indicated at the concierge where they can put their poster. They should bring their own printed poster half an hour before each session and should be them to put it. They will have help from the volunteers for this and material to do so. At the end of the poster session, they must withdraw it.

- The participants with oral presentations should go to a pre-defined place and that is indicated to them in the ordinance to put their presentation in a single computer. You will not be allowed to put presentations on the computers available in the rooms.

- In the event of receiving all the documentation, they must confirm the dinner and the visit if necessary and must pay the accompanying persons at dinner (20 euros per companion) and the visit (5 euros per person who wants to go).

- There will be a person to receive the inscriptions that are made at the time. However we do not have ATMs and we will have difficulty making change so we ask that you bring the right money.

- We expect a full congress in all sessions, so we will be rigorous in the times made available for the presentations and that will be communicated by the presidents of the table in each session.




Dear Friends and Colleagues

We ask for your understanding for the delay in the submission of the final program.

But this is due to the fact that we have taken into account the difficulties in the process of inscriptions and payments by many colleagues.

This process dragged on and we were altering the program to accommodate new entrants each day.

Many only a short time ago they were sure to come.

The final program is about to be released in its near-final version.

Please do not ask for changes to it (change of presentation day) from now on.

It would make the problem infinite and difficult to solve at this distance from the congress.

We ask for your patience and we reinforce that everything is being done to have
all the conditions for an excellent congress!

We will soon send you a link to pre-register for the congress dinner on Thursday evening and the university visits on Friday morning. We will ask you some data to expedite transport between the center and the conference location.

Registration and program

Dear Congressmen

The process of enrollment and program definition is coming to an end.
We ask for your patience because some of the colleagues are delaying the registration process, due to difficulties that are unrelated to them.
We are also submitting articles to registrants and this process is delaying because of the slowness of the payments process for some colleagues, and that is not to blame.
Very soon the process is over and the final program will be ready.
Several last minute supports are being prepared, as well as all the conditions to receive you well and that will be announced soon on the site!
Please note that, in order not to overburden the part of the secretariat that is strictly dealing with payments, ACIV, all questions and queries are sent to



Because some were having difficulties in registering, we decided to keep prices down by the end of this week.

We are grateful for the large number of entries obtained so far, corresponding to the high number of accepted articles, guaranteeing the success of this project.

I hope everyone can come, because this will certainly be a great congress!


Dear Congressmen

Although the deadline for entries from at least one author per article to have ended on August 10 and given some of your difficulties in these entries, you may do so this week.

We ask that you do so as soon as possible, because it is becoming urgent to know who is coming to the congress to prepare the program and other logistics for the congress.

We remember that there are some difficulties with credit cards to which we are unrelated, because these are agreements between banks and some cards are not accepted.

We ask your patience for this fact, requesting that they will try with other cards or else by bank transfer.

As for invoicing, we also ask for your patience. The situation is as follows:

Only after proven payment and sent this proof to the ACIV is that it immediately passes the invoice and sends you.

However the person in charge is on holiday until the end of August.

So please send the proof in any way to ACIV ( and also to

As soon as D. Maria José Luis comes she will send the invoices.

TAP travel discounts

Dear Congressmen

To all who wish to travel with TAP for the congress: we have obtained a protocol that guarantees discounts.

Just send us a proof of registration and payment at the conference and we'll send you a promotional code.

Below is important information about discounts.
Discounts of 10% in economy class and 15% in business class.

The discount applicable to this event is only valid for bookings made through the website where payment must be made by credit card. Electronic tickets will always be issued.
Reservations already made previously, as well as reservations made through travel agents or our branches can not benefit from the discount.
The price visible at the end of the reservation process is the total amount to be paid, with the discount processed and taxes included. The discount will be applied on the rate, without the respective rates.
The discount only applies to flights operated by TAP. Reservations made on code-share flights operated by other airlines or with flights wholly from other airlines may not
benefit from the discount.
The discount is not cumulative with any other, as well as, can not be used in resident / student / child / baby / senior fares, etc.
The discount only applies to round-trip travel to the event.
The reservation can be made at any time. The dates of travel must be comprised within 10 days before and 10 days after the dates of the event. The dates of the event must be included in the period of the trip.
The discount is extendable to the companions of the participant.
Conditions and restrictions regarding changes and refunds will always be those of the selected rate. Please check the rate details before finalizing your reservation.

Important Notices

Important notices:

1 - In view of delays and complications in payments, and to put all the dates tuned, these were changed and corrected, being now:

August 10 - deadline for inscriptions by one of the authors;
September 13 - deadline for anyone to register with reduced rate;

2 - The NIF is your CPF or Fiscal Number. You must put this number or the institution that pays the registration, along with other billing data, to pass the invoice.


The NIF is the Tax Identification Number in Brazil for billing data.

The date of July 26 is for one of the authors to register for a question of the program's ethics and organization.
The date of August 10 is the limit of the lowest cost for all.

The registration date is coming up!

Dear friends, we are preparing a Congress that we want to be unforgettable for the best reasons.

Embrace will know the approved papers and the number of entries will increase after that.

Some hotels have already agreed to book some rooms at discounted prices and this information will be released as of Monday.