Congress begins tomorrow, important news!

Congress begins tomorrow, important news!

Dear congressmen and visitors.

We are working hard and fast to get you the best!

Important notes:

- The complete program, which will be made available to everyone, is ready and on the Congress page.

- Tomorrow they will receive a bag with some material, including this program (so do not need to print it now)

- They will also receive certificates of participation, one for each enrollee.

- All articles and posters will receive a certificate of presentation, delivered by the presidents and congressional volunteers in the respective sessions in which they are presented.

- The presentation certificates for the presenters will be sent later, after each table chairman takes note of the person who presented.

- Congressmen with a poster presentation should ask in a place that will be indicated at the concierge where they can put their poster. They should bring their own printed poster half an hour before each session and should be them to put it. They will have help from the volunteers for this and material to do so. At the end of the poster session, they must withdraw it.

- The participants with oral presentations should go to a pre-defined place and that is indicated to them in the ordinance to put their presentation in a single computer. You will not be allowed to put presentations on the computers available in the rooms.

- In the event of receiving all the documentation, they must confirm the dinner and the visit if necessary and must pay the accompanying persons at dinner (20 euros per companion) and the visit (5 euros per person who wants to go).

- There will be a person to receive the inscriptions that are made at the time. However we do not have ATMs and we will have difficulty making change so we ask that you bring the right money.

- We expect a full congress in all sessions, so we will be rigorous in the times made available for the presentations and that will be communicated by the presidents of the table in each session.