Dear Congressmen

Although the deadline for entries from at least one author per article to have ended on August 10 and given some of your difficulties in these entries, you may do so this week.

We ask that you do so as soon as possible, because it is becoming urgent to know who is coming to the congress to prepare the program and other logistics for the congress.

We remember that there are some difficulties with credit cards to which we are unrelated, because these are agreements between banks and some cards are not accepted.

We ask your patience for this fact, requesting that they will try with other cards or else by bank transfer.

As for invoicing, we also ask for your patience. The situation is as follows:

Only after proven payment and sent this proof to the ACIV is that it immediately passes the invoice and sends you.

However the person in charge is on holiday until the end of August.

So please send the proof in any way to ACIV ( and also to

As soon as D. Maria José Luis comes she will send the invoices.