How to arrive in Coimbra

To Portugal:


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TRAIN (from Lisbon / Porto airports to Coimbra)


From Lisbon Airport (see link):

1. Take Metro from the Airport to Oriente Station.

2. Take the train to Coimbra

Train timetable Lisboa Oriente - Coimbra B


From Porto Airport:

1. Take Metro from the Airport to Campanhã Station

2. Take the train to Coimbra

Timetables Porto Campanhã - Coimbra B


When you arrive in Coimbra B:

Taxi to destination or train to city center (Coimbra A) and then walk or taxi to destination depending on the hotel.


Alternative to the Train for the Lisbon-Coimbra and Porto-Coimbra connections:


Direct transport, door-to-door, between the airport (Lisbon or Porto) and Coimbra. 

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During the days of the Congress the congressmen will benefit from the following transportation:

Day 24:

For arrival to the congress in the morning it is suggested that each one come by taxi (on foot are 35 minutes).
Transportation to the Port of Honor in the Convent of San Francisco (cars of the City Hall) at 18:30.

Day 25:

Transportation from downtown (Portagem area) to POLO II (City Hall cars) at 9:00 am
Transportation from POLOII to PORTAGEM area (city center) and dinner at the San Francisco Convent (City Hall cars) at 6:30 p.m.

Day 26:
Views during the morning at the former POLOI University
Transport from POLO I to POLO II (City Hall cars) at 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
Transportation from POLOII to PORTAGEM area, city center (City Hall cars) at 18:30