Cities and Territories - Development, attractiveness and new challenges

PLURIS 2018 - 8th LUSO-BRAZILIAN CONGRESS for Urban, Regional, Integrated and Sustainable Planning

PLURIS represents the continuity of the partnership between researchers from Brazil and Portugal since 2005. It is a technical-scientific association, with a multidisciplinary character, bringing together professionals who work mainly in the following subjects: Environment and Energy; Innovative and Intelligent Cities; Mobility and Transport and Regional and Urban Planning.

Preceded by PLURIS 2016, held in Maceió, Brazil, the Congress has its eighth edition (8th) in the city of Coimbra - Portugal, on October 24, 25 and 26, 2018. The event is open to several profiles of participants: researchers, students, and professionals related to the themes covered. Thus, its new edition in 2018 aims to strengthen and enrich the contacts established in previous editions and to integrate new participants whose academic and professional works fit into those themes.

In PLURIS 2018, the challenge is at the height of the pre-established themes at this Congress, in the broad scope of Planning and in a multidisciplinary perspective in which aspects related to mobility and transport, innovative and intelligent cities, environment and energy, and regional and urban planning are considered in an integrated way in the management of cities, in order to promote the economic development of urban settlements and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Tourism is an economic activity that plays a key role in the attractiveness (and consequent development) of a region. In the context of the Congress, it would be interesting to evaluate and compare the methodologies and examples of success of this activity, preventing a balance between economic, social and environmental sustainability (guaranteeing GDP growth, employment, environmental preservation, ease of travel, efficiency energy, digital support and heritage preservation), not only within cities but also in the territories that surround them.

Although this is a central aspect of this Congress (given also the tourist vocation of the city of Coimbra and its environs), works that correspond to one of the four general themes of the Congress are very welcome:

Environment and Energy;

Innovative and Intelligent Cities;

Mobility and Transport and

Regional and Urban Planning

(see also topics related to these themes)


We are looking forward to a great meeting in Coimbra. Cordial greetings!

Organizing Committee in Coimbra:

Anabela Salgueiro Narciso Ribeiro

Ana Maria César Bastos Silva

João Zeferino

João Bigotte

Arminda Almeida

Cláudia Alcoforado


The entities that traditionally have been promoting this congress since its inception are the University of Minho (Pt), the University of São Paulo, through the School of Engineering of São Carlos (Br), and the Federal University of São Carlos (Br). symbols are to the right of the symbol of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Coimbra, which this year organizes and hosts the congress.